What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 8, 2012

From George Will...

From the pages of the Tribune-Review, we have this from the man who predicted 321 electoral votes for Mitt Romney:
The electoral vote system, so incessantly and simple-mindedly criticized, has again performed the invaluable service of enabling federalism — presidents elected by the decisions of the states’ electorates — to deliver a constitutional decisiveness that the popular vote often disguises.

Republicans can take some solace from the popular vote. But unless they respond to accelerating demographic changes — and Obama, by pressing immigration reform, can give Republicans a reef on which they can wreck themselves — the 58th presidential election may be like the 57th, only more so.
He's already making a prediction about the next presidential election.

Now, about that popular vote.  According to CNN, Obama received 60,662,601 votes to Romney's 57,821,399.  This is not counting Florida - where they haven't made results official.  If we add the known votes (4,143,362 for Obama, 4,096,346 for Romney) to the above totals we get 64,805,963 votes for Obama and 61,917,715 for Romney for a total of 126,723,708 votes for the two candidates.

That's 51.14% to Obama and 48.86% to Romney.  That's just over 2.25 percentage point difference - hardly something to cheer about given the state of the economy, unemployment and the the millions in rightwing PAC money (thanks to Citizens United) poured into the race.

But you can't expect much from someone who got the electoral math that wrong.

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