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November 14, 2012

Karl Rove in Pittsburgh Today

Karl "The Architect" Rove on The Colbert Report

George W. Bush's favorite turd blossom, Karl Rove, will be in Pittsburgh today at the DUG East Convention. The theme of the convention is "Unleashing the Utica, Monetizing the Marcellus." Rove is being advertised as the "Special Luncheon Speaker." The description of his speech is as follows:
A Post-Election Luncheon with Karl Rove

In an encore appearance at DUG East, the former deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to President George W. Bush shares his view of the ballot results and their implications for better U.S. government policy.
Hmm..."shares his view of the ballot results and their implications for better U.S. government policy." Think that was written before the election? And before his utter embarrassment on FOX News on election night? Well, it was. You'd think someone would want to update that a bit.

Or maybe Karl will continue to thumb his nose at reality...

Also, for you fracktivists out there, there is a planned protest tomorrow at this convention. Via Facebook:
Protest Michael Krancer at Frackers' Convention

Public Event · By Marcellus Protest
Thursday 11:00am

Info: info@marcellusprotest.org 

In honor of its two year anniversary, Marcellus Protest is organizing a spur of the moment, DIY protest at the 'Developing Un-natural Gas' [DUG} convention. This year's convention features PA DEP's Michael Krancer, who speaks at 11:15 on Nov. 15.

Well, we've got a few things to tell the frackers too. Bring your own signs. ...

STUDENTS: "Say NO To Campus Drilling! Join us on November 15 at 11:00am outside the David Lawrence Convention Center to protest the natural gas industry's plan to frack and install related infrastructure on private and state university lands in Pennsylvania. We will be joined by Marcellus Protest Coalition, the grassroots organizers who successfully banned drilling through Pittsburgh City Council.

Afterward, we will visit newly re-elected Senator Bob Casey Jr's field office and deliver our message to his staff.
You may recall that PA's DEP is under fire over their water test reports:
Testimony by a high-ranking state Department of Environmental Protection official reveals the agency may have intentionally left out part of the results of water testing in relation to Marcellus shale drilling.

According to a press release from the office of state Rep. Jesse White, D-47, Cecil Township, the sworn testimony of DEP Bureau of Laboratories Technical Director Taru Upadhyay revealed the DEP used a computer code system that intentionally left out a portion of test results for residents who were concerned their water had been contaminated by nearby drilling.

“This is beyond outrageous,” White said. “Anyone who relied on the DEP for the truth about whether their water has been impacted by drilling activities has apparently been intentionally deprived of critical health and safety information by their own government.”

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