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November 18, 2012

On That Carbon Tax: The Trib, The AEI And The Truth

From today's op-ed page at the Tribune-Review:
A new federal carbon tax being advocated by leftists and environmentalists would not curb man-made emissions enough to possibly affect climate. But it would hinder commerce and America’s drive for energy independence enough to drag down the economy.

Steve Milloy, the publisher of JunkScience.com , writing for Investor’s Business Daily, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Christopher C. Horner, writing in California’s Orange County Register, point out that a carbon tax...
Before we go any further, we should look at what Milloy and Horner actually wrote about this.  From Horner we learn a little more:
Recently, a leaked agenda laid bare a strategy session among a virtual Who's Who of left-leaning big-government activist groups, hosted by a generally conservative policy group, the American Enterprise Institute. By the agenda's title, this fifth in a series was part of a "Lame Duck Initiative" to strategize enactment of a "carbon" tax, or federal energy tax on oil, coal and gas, in the post-election session of Congress that began this week.

AEI thereby joined former Republican politicians and advisers seeking to rebrand, as a conservative idea, the latest incarnation of what the political Left has long pined for, only to be told it was a dead letter given the political debacle of the Clinton administration's 1993 "BTU tax."
It's from the American Enterprise Institute?  Funny how that part (you know about how it's coming from the Scaife-Funded AEI) never made it into Scaife's paper.  Not sure how they can ignore $8.7 million dollars ($7.8 from Sarah Scaife and $900K from Carthage) worth of support over the last few decades.

That's kinda embarrassing, isn't it?

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EdHeath said...

Back in the 1980's, conservatives favored smart policy to address pollution. Apparently they may have decided to get ahead of the curve now as well.

The whole world contributes to climate change, although we consume more energy than anyone else. Maybe by ourselves we won't make enough of a dent in climate change, nut how can we ask others to make changes if we don't first make them ourselves.

Or have conservatives finally gone around the bend, and decided the poor deserve to suffer.