What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 7, 2013

Yea - What Jon Stewart Said.


EdHeath said...

I wish there could be an adult conversation about this administration's drone policy, as well as this administration's policy on whistle blowers (and wikileaks), medical marijuana distributors, deporting "illegal aliens" and lack of prosecutions of executives at the banks that precipitated the financial collapse. I mean, I really wonder why Obama is trying to out-cruel the Republicans. Maybe Obama does think that whistle blowers are traitors, that being affiliated with al Qaeda or even just being the family member of someone affiliated (or appearing to be affiliated) with al Qaeda means you can be killed with impunity (even if you are an American citizen), that marijuana is so dangerous that the federal government should over ride state decriminalization and prosecute people distributing marijuana as medical treatmenr, and/or that wealthy bank executives really can do no wrong.

Maybe he believes these things. But they are not what he told us when campaigning.

Nine-El said...

A lying librl ...whoda thunk !!??