March 11, 2013

Tell the PA Senate: No immunity for frackers! (SB411)

Via PennEnvironment:
The Pennsylvania Senate could vote as soon as this afternoon to give drilling companies immunity – making it virtually impossible to hold them accountable to accidents and spills.

We all know the oil and gas industry has an atrocious record of spills and accidents in Pennsylvania -- granting them immunity for risky activity is the last thing we should do.

Join me in telling our state senators to vote NO to letting gas drilling companies off the hook from their accidents and pollution in our communities.

In a move that mixes the worst of Pennsylvania’s past pollution with its current one, Senate Bill 411 removes liability for gas drilling companies when they use contaminated water from abandoned coal mines.  
What could this mean?   
• When drilling companies have spills or accidents, it may be virtually impossible to hold them accountable.  
• If you own property adjacent to or downstream from one of these accidents, you couldn’t take actions to recover damages.   
• And the bill is so vague that it’s even unclear if enforcement agencies could hold fracking companies accountable under existing laws if they chose to violate them.
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