What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 5, 2013

About That Endnote...

Remember this?

It was a blog post about how I'd discovered I'd been endnoted in a real book (made of paper and ink and and having an ISDN number and everything!).

While it's simply a gas seeing my name (or at least my nom de blog) in print, I gotta ask one simple question: why?  And you'll understand what I mean shortly.

I finally got hold of the book, A Fundamental Freedom by David Lampo,  yesterday and immediately tracked down the text that was endnoted, assuming I'd see something about, well, either me or my blog post.

This is what I found in Lampo's book:
Even some conservative newspapers applauded Judge Walker's decision. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review said, "U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker found no legitimate state interest in treating gay and lesbian couples any differently from heterosexual couples....And he's spot on." [Italics in original.]
And that's it.  That's what's endnoted.  And that's what leads to the endnote that starts "See Dayvoe..."

So you see my confusion, right?  While I greatly appreciate that someone noticed my little blogpost and thought enough of it to link to it in print, I gotta ask why Lampos didn't simply link to the editorial he was referencing?

Life is funny.

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