What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 2, 2013

Dawn of the Unendorsed Primary

April 2, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA - The sun rose today over a city engulfed in uncertainty and confusion.

Citizens stumbled out of their homes into a landscape which now seemed strangely unfamiliar and almost menacing.

A growing sense of dread turned to outright horror as they realized...

Oh noes! They have to pick a nominee for mayor all by themselves -- without having a candidate endorsed for them by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee!

Oh slate card, how you will fail us!


Ayse Ariella said...

Hahaha love the use of pictures.

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I'd love to know your opinion on the matter.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Nice posting. Where is that 2 coat hanger in the hands thingie that points one in the right direction?

YinzerBoy said...

Don't kid yourself. There's an endorsed candidate. He's just not on a piece of paper. The endorsers had to get the endorsed to drop out so they could endorse the unendorsed endorsed candidate. Got it?

Maria said...

I believe you are correct, sir.