April 12, 2013

Peduto for Mayor TV Spot "Life's Work" Debuts Today

Mayoral candidate Bill Peduto's first TV ad starts airing today. It's an introductory ad that lays out his Pittsburgh roots as a means of showing where our city has been and how it needs to change for our future: To make Pittsburgh the city we all know it can be!

I know I'm already sold on Bill, but this ad is genuine and engaging and shows a real love for this city -- a wonderful introduction for those who aren't familiar with the candidate!
Peduto voiceover: "It's 4,000 miles from Italy to Pittsburgh...To this quarry where my great grandfather worked...Our family's produce store in Homewood...This is where my grandfather died at J&L Steel."  
"That Pittsburgh is gone now. " 
"I'm Bill Peduto and my life's work is building a new Pittsburgh....With a 21st century infrastructure plan, job training and a partnership with our universities, and strengthening neighborhood businesses. " 
"We need a mayor who never forgets what we can be."

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