What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 13, 2013

Peduto Momentum!

It happens every now and then - the OPJ and I find ourselves writing on the same topic.  Today it's Peduto's 7 point lead in the polls.

I'd like to add, however, that this is a change in some recent polling data.

Some chronology:
And now that leads us to the current 7 point lead for Peduto.

As they say, context is everything.  Imagine a race where one candidate is consistently ahead by double digits only to stumble a week or so before the election down to a 7 point lead.  You could say that the other candidate might be surging - that the momentum is moving in that candidate's direction.

But in this case we have something of the opposite - only 6 weeks or so ago Wagner was up by 7 and now it's Peduto's 7 point lead.

If there's momentum to be discussed, it's in Peduto's direction.

*** Obligatory Disclaimer: As everyone should know by now, Maria's been working part-time for People For Peduto since 2010. I, however, am unattached to any campaign.***

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