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June 10, 2013

Tracking Teh Crazie in Virginia

There's a gubernatorial election taking place, these days, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

On the Democratic side, there's former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe and on the Republican side there's Ken Cuccinelli.

But that's not who I wanna talk about now.

I wanna talk about E. W. Jackson, the Republican nominee for Lt Governor in Virginia.

He's got teh crazie.

My evidence (from Buzzfeed):
The Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia, E. W. Jackson, wrote in his 2008 book Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life that birth defects were caused because of sin.
They even fine this money shot of a quote his book Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life:
Keep in mind that the whole cosmos has been made imperfect — wounded — by sin. It is the principle of sin, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects and other destructive natural occurrences.
I wonder if Sarah Palin would have anything to say about how sin (her sin?  everyone's sin?) caused her son Trig's Down Syndrome.

And I wonder if Rick Santorum would have anything to say about how sin (again - his sin? everyone else's sin?) caused the death of his son Gabriel (born premature at 20 weeks, then died 2 hours later) and the Edwards syndrome now afflicting his daughter Bella.

Would someone have the heart to ask them?  I would think not as such questions (and religious allegations) are simply absurd.

And yet, in Virginia, there's a chance that the disgusting human being who holds those views may well become the next Lt Governor there.

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