What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 30, 2013


Listening to someone named Wes Minter on KDKA right now.  He's sitting in for my good friend Mike Pintek.

After listening for a few minutes, this is the message I sent in via the Dollar Bank instant access line:
It's amazing to hear conservatives say "unless we were attacked, where to we get off being the attacker?" regarding Syria. It's amazing to hear conservatives SUDDENLY want to be 100% sure about the use of WMD.

Where were these exact same conservatives in 2003? We weren't attacked by Iraq yet they said we had to attack. Iraq didn't have WND yet they said we had to attack.

And yet those same lies led to the deaths of 4500 American servicemen and women and yet for conservatives any criticism of the Bush administration's decision of war was tantamount to treason.

For the record I am not in favor of attacking Syria - but then I wasn't in favor of the illegal war in Iraq, either.
So far, no response from Mr Minter.

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Heir to the Throne said...

If Obama attacks Syria unilaterally, I'm going to put a giant "IMPEACH" banner up at the Kingdom.

No Oil No Blood!!!!!!1!!! chicken hawks

I would like to thank the #antiwar movement for tacitly admitting that it was all a lie.