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September 20, 2013

Scaife's Braintrust Must Be So Proud


Because they got fact-checked by Media Matters.

It's about this Tribune-Review op-ed from a few days ago and it's amazing how much the braintrust gets wrong.

(Well, maybe not so amazing, considering these are the same folks who've questioned the science of climate change repeatedly.  But I digress.)

Take a look.  This is what Mediamatters opened with:
Tribune-Review Described Common Core Education Standards As "Central Planning." In an editorial arguing that Common Core would dilute educational standards, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review stated that the practice would allow "a bureaucracy far removed from any school district" to control local education. It also claimed that the argument that Common Core sets "a floor of consistency" is "the same central-planning argument made by every education bureaucrat" since President Carter. [Bolding and Italics in original.]
HOWEVER, as Media Matters points out:
  • Common Core Standards Are State-Led Educations Standards 
  • Common Core Standards Are Not Mandatory
Do yerself a favor and read the rest.  It'll be an education in itself.

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