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November 10, 2013

Memo To State Senator Kim Ward

Interesting what tumbles out of the interwebs, ain't it?

First, we start here, at the Trib Whispers column:
GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN. Singer Cyndi Lauper apparently could use a civics lesson.

After learning that state Sen. Kim Ward, R-Hempfield, was in the audience for her Nov. 3 concert at Greensburg's Palace Theatre, Lauper pointed out that a senator was there and said that if ObamaCare is good enough for the public, it's good enough for legislators, then complained about the federal government shutdown.

Ward said the dig came right after Lauper sang “True Colors.”

Ward wasn't ruffled in the least, but noted that Lauper did not realize Ward is a state , not U.S., senator and had nothing to do with ObamaCare or the shutdown.

“It was cool to be recognized by a famous liberal who can really sing, even if she doesn't know the difference between state and federal government,” said Ward, adding that the concert was great.
I wasn't at that concert so I have no way of knowing whether any of this is true - but neither does the Trib, does it?  Take a look at that second paragraph.  DID Ms Lauper actually say that?  And if they did, then how do they know?

They write it up as if it's common knowledge.  However, it all comes from State Senator Ward's Facebook page:

This would have been a good time for State Senator Ward to correct Cyndi Lauper's Obamacare error - but Ward didn't.   She should know that this is simply untrue.  But she doesn't. When one commenter posits with the curiously convoluted:
Seems Cyndi is a confused little liberal. Exactly who's idea was it to exempt themselves from the abomination of obamacare?
Hempfield's State Senator responds with:
I'm pretty sure that the folks who mandated Obamacare on all of us are the ones who exempted themselves.
The only problem?

Congress is not exempt from the Obamacare:
For many years, Congress chose from a variety of insurance plans offered by the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, which serves more than 8 million federal and retired workers and their dependents.

That stops in January, when lawmakers and some staff will be required instead to pick from plans on the health care law’s new exchanges — now known as marketplaces.

That’s because Congress faces a specific Obamacare provision forcing lawmakers from their current plans into new marketplaces — something that doesn’t apply to other Americans. [Emphases added.]
It is most disappointing (if not downright embarrassing) for a Pennsylvania State Senator to get this one so wrong.

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EdHeath said...

You know, this whole business about the ACA being required for members of Congress *AND* their staffs to sign up for is almost a perfect example of how insulting the GOP response has been to the ACA. It is one thing to require Congress persons to sign up, so many of them are millionaires to begin with. But staff are actually working stiffs, people from the Congresspersons district or state who are working for peanuts to try to keep the member from looking like an idiot. I mean, OK, let the staff sign up for the ACA, but let the government contribute what it would have to the previous health insurance plan. That is what they signed up when they took the job. And among staff, it is not like Republicans or Democrats are benefiting from having staff adequately compensated. The only people who are benefitting are the Ted Cruz's, Sarah Palin's, Rush Limbaugh's and Sen Hannity's of the world, lying their way to higher office and/or more money. And by the way, Ted Cruz won't have to sign up for the ACA, he will continue to sponge off his wife like the hypocrite he is.

I'll tell you what, I will agree that COngressional staff should have to sign up for the ACA with no additional contributions from the government when all people making over $100,000 also are required to sign up for the ACA, or pay a $20,000 penalty.