What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 9, 2014

A Marty Griffin Update!

Hey, remember this blog post?

That's where I called out KDKA's Marty Griffin for (among other things) repeatedly using the name "Mr Bradley" to refer to Chelsea Manning - as well as using the inappropriate "he" to refer to her.

Well I happened to tune into his show today.  Can you guess what I heard?

I heard Marty read my entire blog post on the air.  It's what began his hour long discussion.  And while he DID say a few nice things about this blog (that we're smart, well read, and so on - gee, THANKS Marty!) and while he DID say that he didn't intend anything disrespectful to the transgender community with his repeated use of the improper gendered pronouns, he tried to defend himself by saying that he didn't know that there even was a transgender community in Pittsburgh and that it's probably tiny anyway (so whatever offenses he may have committed shouldn't be counted against him).  All the while his defense by repeatedly using of the word "tranny."

The BIG upside, however, to the hour is the outcome: a transgender woman called in and countered his assertion on size of the community by saying that she knew dozens of local transgender people.  Here's what Marty did: he asked her to get a group together to come into the studio for a discussion live on the air on KDKA.

I gotta think that's nothing but a good outcome.

And it's so cool to have been a part (even if it's a teeny tiny part) of what brought that about.

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