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September 9, 2014

An "In God We Trust" Update

Remember this from a scant 24 hours ago?

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is, presumably, not a fan of the legislation.  In the P-G, it says that he:
...would exercise his veto power if County Council passed legislation to post the motto “In God We Trust” in the courthouse, Mr. Fitzgerald told council members Monday.
 There's something in the P-G I hadn't seen elsewhere (not to say it wasn't reported elsewhere, only that I hadn't seen it):
Councilwoman Sue Means, a Bethel Park Republican, has driven the push for the national motto to be displayed in the Gold Room of the courthouse, where council conducts its twice-monthly meetings. Ms. Means, who says she is an evangelical Christian, wants to see “In God We Trust” installed above a replica of the Bill of Rights.

“It’s our national motto,” she said. “It’s patriotism. It’s history.”
And obviously this legislation from this evangelical Christian has nothing what so ever to do with pushing religion into the legislative process. Nope. Not here. Never.  Look elsewhere for that.

Godless commie.

Anyway, the Trib has posted a copy of what Fitzgerald sent to the Council.  It says in part:
Over the last three years, our region has experienced economic growth, population growth and the return of a vibrancy in our communities that is contagious. One of the area in which we could do better is our diversity. It’s the reason that organizations like Vibrant Pittsburgh were created, the reason that Allegheny County become a “Welcoming County,” and the reason that we continue to participate in efforts and initiatives that express that we are a friendly community that welcomes everyone. A diverse population allows for different viewpoints and ways of life to be expressed. As a community, we should value the characteristics that make each person unique, rather than spending time on decisions that would communicate the exact opposite.

Support and passage of 8376-14 tells our residents and visitors that if they are Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Athiest, Muslim, Islamic or any other non-theistic group, they are not welcomed here. We are disrespecting other religions and beliefs by promoting one above others. If this legislation were to pass, we are telling everyone that our motto is that not all are welcome here. [Emphasis added.]
He included this P-G editorial and referenced this Trib piece.

Good for County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.  Let's hope the Council does the right thing and votes this legislation down.

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