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September 17, 2014

GOP: The Party Of Stupid

How long has it been since Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said the GOP should stop being "the stupid party"?

That was only January of 2013.

Guess what happened when more recently he was asked if he believed in evolution, From Salon:
Speaking at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Republican governor of Louisiana and likely future presidential candidate Bobby Jindal repeatedly dodged reporters’ attempts to get an on-the-record answer to his views on that most basic of questions — whether a force called evolution led to humanity’s present form, or whether mankind was crafted mere thousands of years ago in God’s own image.

“The reality is I’m not an evolutionary biologist,” Jindal said in response to a question from one reporter, according to TPM. “What I believe as a father and a husband is that local schools should make decisions on how they teach,” he continued, flashing some of his suddenly robust and unflinching devotion to ├╝ber-federalism in all things education. “I think local school districts should make decisions about what should be taught in their classroom.”
How about they should be teaching scientific truth?

It fits with the otherwise anti-scientific stance of his party.  For example when the Pew Research Center asked about evolution, 48% (or nearly half) of Republicans abandoned science and said that humans have existed in their present form (ie did not evolve over time - with or without Divine guidance).

I guess the opening question to any Republican you meet should be, "Do you agree with science or are you a creationist?"  If only to get a feel for how much of teh crazie has infected the room.

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Heir to the Throne said...

Doesn't Bobby Jindal know all scientific advancements are based on string theory, the Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution.