What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 19, 2014

Another Non-Political Announcement

My brass quintet has a gig this FRIDAY NIGHT .

And when I write "my brass quintet" I don't mean that it's "mine" or that I run it or anything - it's just a figure of speech denoting the brass quintet that I play in.  To be more specific, it's more or less an autonomous collective, though sometimes I think we're an anarcho-syndicalist commune out to expose the violence inherent in the system.

Anyway, we'll be playing for tips at Biddle Escape in Regent Square at 7pm.

Now you may ask yourself, what sort of music will the quintet be playing?  And that's a very good question.  I could say that we'll be playing BOTH types of music: country AND western!  But that would be a mistake.  We will be playing lotsa good stuff.  A great deal of it, if my memory serves me correctly, arranged in one way or another by someone in the group.

Come to Biddle's Escape on Friday night.  Have a coffee, have a tea, have a listen to the group and me.

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