What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 24, 2014

#Ferguson #WhatILearnedFromThePressConference

If I understand the prosecutor correctly, Micheal Brown is dead because of social media.


Nine-El said...

Glib...yes. Don't let the forensics and eye witness testimony affect your take. Is justice ...process + result , or is it process ..chips falling .... blah, blah...? No MB died because Africans were brought to The Western Hemisphere as slaves. The senate became popularly elected and "we" enacted an income tax. I thought the members of the third? fourth? Fifth? Estate, who were present at the Ferguson presser, were generally an embarrassment to their "profession." Many seemed the have an agenda..based on their questions. Some had hearing/understanding, comprehension issues.
Now that Scaife is dead, who is going to come up with 20+ mil a year to keep the TR presses rolling?

Nine-El said...

Sorry ....was there another question in the back?