What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 12, 2014

Well, We Know THIS Is Going To Cause A Stir!

From the AP:
The United States and China pledged Wednesday to take ambitious action to limit greenhouse gases, aiming to inject fresh momentum into the global fight against climate change ahead of high-stakes climate negotiations next year.
The unexpected declaration from the world's two largest polluters, unveiled on the last day of Obama's trip to China, reflected both nations' desire to display a united front that could blunt arguments from developing countries, which have balked at demands that they get serious about global warming. Yet it was unclear how feasible it would be for either country to meet their goals, and Obama's pledge was sure to confront tough opposition from ascendant Republicans in Congress.
That would be non-science republicans who think global warming's a hoax.

How long do you think they're calling for impeachment for this?  I mean, if it's a hoax, then any reduction/redistribution of wealth is theft and theft is a crime ergo the thieving Kenyan Socialist is guilty of a crime and should be removed from office.

Never mind the Iraq war lies, the White House sanction torture, the illegal surveillance from the last guy.  HE was a hero!  HE protected us (except for 9/11 which, of course, was Clinton's fault).

See how easy this all is?



Heir to the Throne said...

How long do you think they're calling for impeachment for this?
From the guy who had IMPEACH as a banner for most of the Bush administration.

Dayvoe said...

I guess httt missed the first sentence of my penultimate paragraph.

Heir to the Throne said...

Nov 12 (Reuters) – The joint statement by the United States and China on climate change, issued on Wednesday, is more important for its political and diplomatic symbolism than any practical effect it might have in reducing emissions.

The statement reiterates policies China and the United States have been developing on their own and contains no new binding limits on greenhouse emissions.

Instead it is intended to “inject momentum into the global climate negotiations and inspire other countries to join in coming forward with ambitious actions as soon as possible” ahead of the next multilateral climate summit in Paris in 2015.

EdHeath said...

HTTT - the fact is that conservatives start almost all of their objections to climate change policy by saying that China and India won't do anything, so why should we bother. Well, yout Reuters study say China is doing something, and in fact we (the US and China) have agree to do something together. If Republicans in Congress block these agreements or undermine them, they will be massive hypocrites.