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January 29, 2015

PoliticsPA Didn't Do It's Homework (Toomey's Climate Vote)

Remember this?

It was only from a couple of days ago.  It as a blog post about Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey's recent climate contradictory amendment votes - wherein he voted in favor of the idea that climate change is real but against the idea that human activity significantly contributes to it.

And in doing so he showed us again he's denying the science (but at least he's trying to give himself some political cover).

At the end of the blog I wrote:
And if no one in the media calls him on it, we'll know they didn't do their homework. Or they did and they're giving him a pass on it.
Well it didn't take long.

Take a look at this from PoliticsPA.  In a short piece titled:
PA-Sen: Toomey Balances Right and Center Ahead of 2016
We read how he's trying to "balance" Right and Center:
For example, last week Sen. Toomey was one of only 15 Republicans who voted for an amendment to express that humans contribute to climate change.

The Senator’s spokeswoman, Elizabeth Anderson, asserted that Toomey’s views on climate change are nothing new. “Sen. Toomey has always said that human activity contributes to climate change,” she said. “The degree to which we play a role is clearly up for debate.”
Note how the vote against the amendment containing this text:
...human activity significantly contributes to climate change
Was omitted in this coverage of how Senator Toomey is looking to "balance" his conservative credentials with some more supposed centrist ones.

It paints an incomplete picture of the Senator's position on climate change in that he's still denying the science.

And PoliticsPA didn't do it's homework - or it did and it's giving Toomey a pass.

That didn't take long at all.


Heir to the Throne said...
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Anonymous said...

Articles like the one from PoliticsPA help me see why our political landscape is so incredibly screwed up. Without the power of accurate reporting to hold representatives accountable how can constituents be expected to make informed voting decisions. Voters deserve better, but it's hard to see the truth through all the horrible reporting of inaccurate news sources.