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January 7, 2015

Tracking Teh Crazie (World Net Daily's Still Birther Central)

Now that both houses of Congress are firmly controlled by the GOP, it might be a good idea to keep looking at teh crazie GOP fringe that might not be that fringy these days.

And for that, there's no better place than World Net Daily.

Did you know they're still birthers?  Yea I know, what a surprise!

Of course they are.  I found this on their front page, today:
For starters, there’s that unsolved mystery of why there is a piece of phony electronic artwork on the White House website purporting to be an image of a 1961 government document attesting to the details of Barack Obama’s birth. That this is evidence of what is likely the biggest case of identity fraud in history isn’t news to American media investigating more pressing matters (e.g., the presidential golf game).
The 1961 document is this one - stamped signed official document of the State of Hawaii.

For it to be a fake, it would have to be a huge conspiracy to fake it.  A conspiracy so big that the official bureaucracy of a State of the Union would have to be in on it.

Either that or the certificate's real.  Which seems the more rational answer?

Teh crazie - and there's more and more of this in the GOP.

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