What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 12, 2015

A Message to Alabama

(But it applies equally well to, say, some pharmacist anywhere who refuses to dispense birth control, etc.)



Heir to the Throne said...

Denver baker sued for refusing to write anti-gay slogans on cake

Maria Lupinacci said...

Hey, nice try. You've even managed to link to something seemingly relevant. But I still stand by what I wrote because:

If you are a clerk whose job it is to give marriage certificates to those who can lawfully marry, then do your job. You have no more right to refuse a gay couple than you do, say, an interracial couple. Should be easy peasy to understand!

If you are a pharmacist, then it's your job to sell legal medicine and not pick and choose among them whether it's birth control or viagra. Again, easy peasy!

And again, do your job.

As for bakeries, go ahead and ask one to write any hate speech on a cake. You won't find your corner baker any more likely to write “God hates gays” on a cake than to write "Kill all cops" because they aren't in the business of making controversial/hate speech cakes--that isn't their job any more than going into a bakery and expecting that they will make a penis-shaped cake if they aren't an erotic bakery or making a cannoli if they are a French bakery. It isn't their job.

However, if they are a bakery which makes wedding cakes, and you go in with your money asking to buy a wedding cake they make, then it certainly is their job to sell you one. You're not asking for a gay cake, you're asking not to be discriminated against for being gay. Easy peasy!