What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 31, 2015

Darlene Harris: Keeper of Public Plaques

Reporter Bob Mayor to Pittsburgh City Councilor Darlene Harris, upon learning she was securing an unauthorized $2,000 plaque labeled "Ravenstahl" after the last mayor in her office, "You're not the Keeper of Public Plaques, right?"

What is it with Lil Former Mayor Lukey's administration? Taking home his city-owned desktop computer before leaving office because he was afraid the Peduto administration would move in and hide it?! Hiding plaques named after him because there was fear that it would be taken away and destroyed?!

It's like they were preparing for an invasion by a herd of thundering barbarians instead of a normal change in administration. The paranoia runs deep with this one. Or perhaps just projection...

Anyone want to guess what the next bizarre revelation regarding Lukey's departure will be?


spork_incident said...

Did you do the Darlene illustration? It made me laugh!


Maria Lupinacci said...

Boy, must be awhile since I've done photoshopping because too many folks asking who did the artwork. lol Yes, it's mine and thanks. :-)

Ol' Froth said...

Sounds more like a County row office than a city position!

Maria Lupinacci said...