What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 11, 2015

Obama, Climate Science, and CNSNews

I found this today at CNSNews:
Speaking at Howard University in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, President Barack Obama said that climate change is a “primary” national security threat to the United States.

“The Pentagon has already said that climate change is a primary national security threat that we’re going to face, and we are working with the Department of Defense to start preparing for that and mitigating for that,” Obama said. “And a lot of our international policy and national security policy is centered around the very real concerns that that’s going to raise.”
And so on.  Of course this being CNSNews (aka "Cybercast News Service" aka "Conservative News Service") the comments are caustic and scorching.  Like this one:
Can we sue someone for criminal fraud? Or something? This should embarrASS the Soviet/fascist trolls, the evidence is overwhelming that, at the very least, the debate ain't over. Provable Falsified data, flat out statements of lies. At least we want to debate the issue, mostly to show the chicanery of the left, (cause we got real evidence). We got a criminal case against every alarmists who knew & accepted funds to defraud the US taxpayer. Confidence schemes are a felony.
So it's defrauding the US Taxpayers if you're not denying the science?

What was it that the president said?  Oh yea, that's right:
The Pentagon has already said that climate change is a primary national security threat that we’re going to face...
Where do they say that?  Where is the Pentagon pushing "Provable Falsified data, flat out statements of lies" in it's "Confidence schemes" that are defrauding us taxpayers?

Here - the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review.

On page 8, after a paragraph on the threat posed by terrorist organizations post-9/11 and how
The possibility that rapidly- developing threats, including violent protests and terrorist attacks, could escalate quickly and directly threaten U.S. interests at home and abroad is a significant challenge for the United States.
We read this:
Climate change poses another significant challenge for the United States and the world at large. As greenhouse gas emissions increase, sea levels are rising, average global temperatures are increasing, and severe weather patterns are accelerating. 
I wonder when the anti-science crowd will be pursuing its criminal case against the Pentagon for defrauding the US Taxpayer by pushing this flat out statement of lies?

Getting back to reality (I know that by definition be difficult for the anti-science crowd) the president also said:
And that’s why, today, we’re making more than 150 data sets on climate change in public health from agencies like the CDC open to the public.
Here's a Fact Sheet released by the White House outlining the release of the data and a place to find the data sets themselves.

Or you can deny the science while the planet continues to heat up.

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