What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 21, 2015

Meanwhile, Outside It's Still Getting Warmer

From NOAA's State of the Climate site:
The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for July 2015 was the highest for July in the 136-year period of record, at 0.81°C (1.46°F) above the 20th century average of 15.8°C (60.4°F), surpassing the previous record set in 1998 by 0.08°C (0.14°F). As July is climatologically the warmest month of the year globally, this monthly global temperature of 16.61°C (61.86°F) was also the highest among all 1627 months in the record that began in January 1880. The July temperature is currently increasing at an average rate of 0.65°C (1.17°F) per century.
The first seven months of 2015 comprised the warmest such period on record across the world's land and ocean surfaces, at 0.85°C (1.53°F) above the 20th century average, surpassing the previous record set in 2010 by 0.09°C (0.16°F). Five months this year, including the past three, have been record warm for their respective months. January was the second warmest January on record and April third warmest.
It's simply getting warmer out there.  So let's keep talking birthright citizenship, ok?


Jim Moore said...

Please keep pounding away on this drum! Eventually the natives are bound to get restless and demand more meaningful action.

Heir to the Throne said...

Hopefully someday soon the EPA will have the power to silent its denier critics to fight climate change.
Like Hubert Vidrine Jr
or Todd Hennis
or Mike and Chantell Sackett
or James Inhofe

Heir to the Throne said...

Deceptive temperature record claims

Jim Moore said...


The author of the post you link to does not understand what NOAA is reporting. If the author had bothered to read NOAA's explanation of what it is doing he would never have written his post. Every criticism he makes is either beside the point or just wrong.

Getting an absolute global mean temperature is impossible with our current technology, but that is not what NOAA is doing! NOAA uses the temperature readings from weather stations across the world to do a time-series comparison of changes in temperature at each station. They then average the difference ("anomaly") between the temperatures at a reference time and the temperatures at the current time. Their "global mean temperature" is shorthand for the "global mean temperature anomaly."

The author implies that scientists at NOAA and NASA are either dishonest or silenced by political appointees above them because they allow "global mean temperature" reports to get out the agency door when they know the reports are worthless. That criticism only works if the
reports are talking about absolute global mean temperature. Since they aren't his criticism misses the mark.

The author then makes a ridiculous claim that the mean, median, and mode are all valid ways to determine a "global mean temperature." Hardly. If you have discrete data points pulled from specific locations across a large geographic region and you want the most accurate estimate of the aggregate change in the data for the region as a whole the only sensible choice is the mean, which is precisely what NOAA uses. See the referenced post from NOAA for more details.

In short, Tom Harris is a terrible source for accurate information on climate science. You, however, intelligent truth-seeker that you are, were so busy gathering information from multiple sources that you simply ran out of time to turn on your crap detector and sniff out the BS in Harris's post. I know you are thankful that I saved you that distasteful task. You're welcome.

Ol' Froth said...

Heir doesn't have a crap detector.