What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 11, 2015

And Now The Connellsville Community Responds

The Trib has a follow-up to yesterday's news that the unconstitutional Connellsville slab is going to be moved.

Including this:
The board this week said its decision to give the monument back to the Eagles was made to avoid future costly lawsuits to the already financially strapped school district.

“We surely don't have the money to fight against something like this,” said Connellsville Area School Director Kevin Lape.
And this:
Chris Stern, school district solicitor, said the board's decision to return the monument to the Eagles was made while the board had control of where the monument can go. He said another lawsuit could take that control away.
And some local reaction:
Gary Colatch and David Show who were active in the Thou Shall Not Move group were shocked by the board's decision.

“They gave in to a bully,” said Colatch of Connellsville. “That was the saddest part.”

Colatch said he would have understood the board's decision if there were supporters from the community to move the monument. He said he never saw anyone protesting the school board to move the monument or showing up at a school board meeting to urge that it be moved.

“I'm upset they did this without an open discussion or community involvement,” Colatch said. “They had the community's support.”
Maybe they felt that had they spoken up at a school board meeting, they'd be bullied. I don't know I wasn't there.

Doesn't matter because the presence of the slab is unconstitutional.  I said that years ago.  Had they listened to me (a boring, balding, blogger) they would have saved a pile of money in legal fees.

We're still waiting, New Kensington.  When will you be allowing religious freedom in YOUR town?

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