What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 29, 2015

Notice to All Candidates for Public Office

Notice to All Candidates for Public Office: 

In order to receive an endorsement from the Post-Gazette, it is absolutely mandatory that you be for the abolishment of the State Store system as some person/persons on the Editorial Board desire to open a lovely, little wine & cheese shop after they retire.

Thank you


Ol' Froth said...

Wonder why they didn't do it when Republicans controlled the house, senate AND the governor's mansion? What a stupid, stupid issue to base an endorsement on. Speaking of which, how'd that endorsment of Corbett work out?

Omega Supreme said...


Also, if you live in State Senate District 37, which comprises parts of Allegheny and Washington counties, you have a special election tomorrow where Guy Reschenthaler (R) is the NRA and FOAC endorsed candidate.

Ol' Froth said...

Thanks for giving me more reasons to vote for Heather!