October 16, 2015

Tracking Teh Crazie

Here's the latest from birther central, WND:
Is Chelsea Clinton not the daughter of Bill Clinton?

That’s been a rumor swirling in the dark underworld of Clinton family speculation for years.

But a new book by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” takes the story to a new level – naming the actual biological father as Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Little Rock Rose Law Firm and, later, associate attorney general of the U.S. in the Clinton administration.
Rather than debunking the unnecessary, let's consider the sources of this rumor.

First there's Roger Stone. He's the guy who, in 2008 after Hillary Clinton's primary win in New Hampshire, was described this way but the conservative Weekly Standard:
Messages poured in expressing revulsion and woe, and described resulting adverse physical symptoms, including but not limited to: nausea, dizziness, insomnia, twitching, numbness, abdominal pain, myalgia, cutaneous lesions, and retching. One friend invited me to visit him in Bermuda, where he'll be relocating. The only silver lining that came my way was an email from the professional dirty trickster and high priest of political hijinks, Roger Stone. It was titled "the good news" and said, simply, "Out of NH C.U.N.T. lives . Gearing up!"

He wasn't referring to Hillary's chances in South Carolina. Rather, by using the most offensive word in the English language, the word people employ when the f-bomb has lost all potency (and the word I will henceforth replace with "special flower" so as not to give greater offense), he was referring to the acronym of his spanking-new anti-Hillary 527 group, Citizens United Not Timid (
He was also a close adviser to The Donald until a rather unceremonious break-up.  Hey, wanna know who introduced Stone to Trump?  From the National Review Online:
Trump and Stone first met in 1979, when Stone was working for Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign in New York state. “I was introduced to Trump by Roy Cohn, the legendary attorney,” he says.
Wow.  Enough said.

Then there's Robert Morrow.  Morrow is one of the more, uh, interesting JFK conspiracy theorists swirling around the bowl.  He believes that:
  • Lyndon Johnson made a dirty deal with CIA Republicans to murder John Kennedy in the 1963 Coup d’Etat. 
  • Lyndon Johnson’s reasons to murder were out of his deep desperation and fear of what would become of him after his imminent expulsion from the 1964 Democratic ticket and his fears of going to jail over the exploding Bobby Baker scandal. 
  • Richard Nixon knew the dirty truth about the JFK assassination, but I do not think he was directly involved. In fact, when Nixon was under intense Watergate pressure, his firewall strategy as recorded on the “smoking gun tape” (recorded 6/23/72) was to ominously say don’t investigate me because it you do “the President believes that this is going to open up the whole Bay of Pigs thing again” – an obvious reference to the JFK assassination. Nixon’s aide Dean Burch said that when George Herbert Walker Bush heard that “He broke out in assholes and shit himself to death.” (The Final Days, p. 369). GHW Bush was probably an elite CIA planner of the JFK assassination.
    To Morrow, the Council on Foreign Relations is especially guilty:
    A special word about the Council on Relations role in the 1963 Coup d’Etat and cover up: no other organization has been more responsible for the murder and cover up of John Kennedy than the CFR. The inner core of the CFR are high level US intelligence men who have used CFR members as a horse jockeys, whipping the media with their riding crops to tow the CIA line.

    Elite CFR members such as Allen Dulles (CIA), CIA Nelson Rockefeller (CIA, George Herbert Walker Bush (CIA) and CIA McGeorge Bundy (CIA) were probably sponsors of the JFK assassination.
    And here's a list of some of the CFR cover-uppers (Remember: these are the people who Morrow says are covering up the fact that there was a Coup d'Etat in November, 1963):
    • Nelson Rockefeller (CFR/CIA)
    • Henry Kissinger (CFR/CIA)
    • Bill Moyers (CFR)
    • William F. Buckley (CFR/CIA)
    • Walter Cronkite CBS (CFR)
    • Dan Rather CBS (CFR)
    • Bob Schieffer CBS (CFR)
    • Peter Jennings ABC (CFR)
    • Daniel Schorr (CFR)
    • Michael Eisner Disney (CFR)
    • Donald Rumsfeld (CFR)
    • Rupert Murdoch FOX (CFR)
    • John McCain (CFR)

    Teh Crazie continues:
    I think that George Herbert Walker Bush (CIA/CFR) became a made man with the JFK assassination in 1963. One of the first things the Bill Clinton (CIA/CFR) did after he got elected in 1992 was to ask Webb Hubbell at Justice to find out who really killed John Kennedy.
    That would be the same Webb Hubbell who the creepy, petty Morrow now says is Chelsea Clinton's dad.  That's who Jerome Corsi thinks is a credible source of information.  That's who the WND thinks is a credible source of information.

    Tracking Teh Crazie.  It's always a good idea to know what tales the loud and furious idiots tell, for eventually they may bubble up on Fox News.

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