What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 20, 2016

Some surely unsolicited advice

Dear Bernie, 

What you need to do now is to not drop out. Stay in until the end by all means. BUT, agree -- in exchange for more power in determining the platform and whatever else you can get -- to go back to expounding on the issues instead of attacking Hillary personally. 

I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but you started losing women voters when you started saying Hillary was "not qualified." Hillary won female voters in NY by a whopping 61% to 39% -- a 22% margin and far higher than in previous primaries. 

You want your issues to win? Then make it about that instead of about her.



Bram Reichbaum said...

His central issue is money-in-politics and a corrupt campaign finance system.

Hillary's team has defined his drawing that distinction as a "character attack".

That's a puzzle. I don't know what is to be done about that. To my way of thinking, if you're spending a lot of time courting huge donations from the wealthiest individuals and the most hazardous global corporations, you don't have to "agree to sell out" but you're going to end up seeing life more from their perspective -- because they're your new friends, and the food is really nice, and they're such quality people.

So I never considered it a "character attack" (though her clique -- Band, Blumenthal, Brock all bother me quite a bit, but that's mostly because of their politics) but this is a puzzle.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Glad to hear we solved the income and wealth inequality problem! Also making college free and debt free is suddenly no longer a thing. Because those are the top two issues on his own website. The "central" issue of getting big money out of politics only comes in third.

But, please stop treating anyone who reads your comment as being stupid. He somehow managed to talk about that third issue for months and months and months without making it all about her. He must have been mistaken all that time then, right?

And speaking of casting stones, Sanders wouldn't even have a career in Congress without his buddies at the NRA. I love how he's always saying he lost an election in 1988 because he was against them, yet failing to mention that he learned his lesson well and ended up "seeing life more from their perspective" when only two years later he supported them and they supported him and he won.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Oh, and his repeatedly yelling that she's not qualified is somehow not considered an attack by you? Glad I'm not around your family during the holidays.