What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 1, 2016

Something More For Senator Toomey To Worry About

From PoliticsPA:
A lot has changed since the Cook Political Report issued their last electoral college map projection on May 4th.

Donald Trump has wrapped up the GOP nomination and drawn even with Hillary Clinton in national polls.

Nonetheless, Cook is not moving many states. In fact, they’re only moving one state. Michigan has gone from “Likely Democratic” to “Lean Democratic”.

Pennsylvania did not change at all with the commonwealth staying in the “Lean Democratic” column.
Because, my friends, Toomey's political fate is inexorably tied up with Trump's.  The better The Donald does in Pennsylvania, the better Toomey's chances at being reelected.

That being said, I wonder when Pat Toomey will be asked about Trump's:
  • Birth Certificate conspiracy theories
  • Climate change conspiracy theories
  • Antonin Scalia conspiracy theories
  • Vince Foster conspiracy theories
And so on.

I mean Trump IS at the top of the GOP party ticket and Toomey is a part of that ticket.

That means they're tied together, politically.

And since Charlie Cook tags the state as "leaning Democratic" it ain't looking good for ole Pat.

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