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June 15, 2016

UPDATE: Toomey DOES Know The Orlando Murders Took Place In A Gay Nightclub.

Remember a few days ago when I posted this?

In it I pointed out how in three tweets, our conservative Senator Pat Toomey extended condolences to "those murdered at the nightclub in Orlando" while utterly failing to point out that it was a gay night club where those murders occurred.

And I asked:
He does know it was a GAY nightclub, right? And does he know that at present it seems that it was targeted precisely because it was a gay night club, right?
Well, apparently, he does.

From Chris Potter at the P-G:
Democratic Sen. Bob Casey called the killing of at least 49 people at a gay dance club in Orlando “an act of terror and also an act of hate.” But he and his Republican counterpart, Pat Toomey, emphasized different parts of that equation in separate area appearances Monday.

At a morning press conference Downtown, Mr. Casey said the shooter, who police have identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, “was targeting individuals because of who they were and who they loved.”
And as for Pat:
At an afternoon campaign stop in Rochester, Mr. Toomey focused less on anti-gay animus than on the overall threat of Islamic religious extremism. “It was a gay nightclub in Orlando, it could be a football game tomorrow,” he told supporters at Beaver County Republican headquarters.
Yes, but it wasn't.

But in any case, Conservative Family-values Pat Toomey did the right thing, I suppose, and finally called Pulse "a gay nightclub" but he also de-emphasized the fact that it was an attack on the LGBT community there.  Oh well.  Baby steps.

I wonder why he said it.  Perhaps he read this blog.  Perhaps not. 

Screw it.  I'm taking credit for it anyway.

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