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September 2, 2016

More Fact Checking Trump's Immigration Speech

Again, have at it:
While you're at it, take a look at this from Josh Marshall over at Talkingpointsmemo:
Even now, after all that's happened, most political reporters find themselves either unwilling or unable to identify Donald Trump's tirades as hate speech. But they fit the textbook definition, inasmuch as it's even a useful concept. The New York Times is on the receiving end of a storm of criticism at the moment for their botched story on Trump's whirlwind Wednesday from Mexico City to Phoenix. And they deserve it. But the offense is mainly one of laziness and sloppiness - offenses which the Times' privileged position makes it again and again vulnerable to. You write the story about the arc of the day, file it to edit and production. But while the piece is on autopilot in those later stages of the journalistic process the reality of the day changes radically and you end up publishing a story that is night and day of the reality everybody has just seen. But this embarrassment is a pedestrian stumble. The far greater offense is the one almost every news organization committed with the Times. This isn't 'tough' or 'hard edged' speechifying. This is hate speech. [Emphasis added.]
By any reasonable standard, Donald Trump's speech on Wednesday night should have ended the campaign, as should numerous other rallies where Trump has done more or less the same thing for months. There's a reason why the worst of the worst, the organized and avowed racists, were thrilled and almost giddy watching the spectacle. But it has become normalized. We do not even see it for what it is. It's like we've all been cast under a spell. That normalization will be with us long after this particular demagogue, Donald Trump, has left the stage. Call this what it is: it is hate speech, in its deepest and most dangerous form.

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Omega Cuck Supreme said...

. This isn't 'tough' or 'hard edged' speechifying. This is hate speech. [Emphasis added.]
Good for Progressive to come out and say Trump's speech should be banned and his supporters deserve to be attacked and beaten with the help of the Police like they were in San Jose and Minneapolis.

"No credible estimate suggests the undocumented [Illegal Alien] population is as low as 3 million or high as 30 million. That statement rates Pants on Fire."
There is No credible estimate of the undocumented [Illegal Alien] population.

BTW, There is No credible estimate suggests that Police shoot nearly 1000 people a year because the FBI does not track it.

Heather Johnson said...

This all just goes to show that what is said at Ecclesiastes 8:9 is true, "man has dominated man to his harm." I truly don't believe that any imperfect man is fit to rule this country or any other one. I'm grateful that one day soon God will take a stand and will no longer allow corrupt individuals to have the power and authority to destroy lives and take advantage of others (Daniel 2:44).