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September 19, 2016

RNC Continues Its Post-Birther Lie Birther Lie

From HuffingtonPost:
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus accused Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign of pushing the so-called birtherism conspiracy theory, which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has championed since 2011, when he demanded to see the president’s birth certificate.

“People get convicted every single day with circumstantial evidence that is enough to tip the scale,” Priebus told CBS host John Dickerson in an interview that aired Sunday. “And by the preponderance of evidence before us, Hillary Clinton or her campaign were definitely involved in this issue. We can’t keep saying it’s not true. That’s ridiculous.”

“It’s not fiction, it’s the truth,” he added.

Trump this week accused Clinton of starting the movement, but there is no evidence that anyone associated with her campaign ever pushed the theory.
But to our friends on the right who continually ignore the vast mountain of climate science evidence in order to remain faithful to a narrow political agenda, how's a little birther non-evidence gonna bother them?

They're basing their entire argument on these wisps:
  • Patti Solis Doyle - who was Clinton's campaign manager until the Iowa Caucuses on January 3rd, 2008.  She said that a staffer in Iowa was let go after passing on an email with the conspiracy - in December 2007.  The campaign itself apologized to the Obama campaign and never went birther
  • Mark Penn - There's a memo (also from 2007) from pollster Mark Penn talking about Obama's supposed electoral weaknesses.  However, there's no mention of a birth certificate at all.  Needless to say the Clinton Campaign never went birther from the Mark Penn memo
  • Sidney Blumenthal - McClatchy is reporting that Blumenthal (who was not a member of the campaign) told them Obama was born in Kenya and urged them to investigate.  They did, found out Obama wasn't.  Needless to say the Clinton Campaign still didn't go birther. 
  • The PUMAs - After Clinton withdrew from the race in June of 2008, some Clinton supporters, unhappy with the primary results began to birther-out.  But this is after Clinton withdrew from the race and urged her supporters to support him.
Compare that to the 8 years of Birtherism from the right.  And the 5 years after the "unecessary" release of the 2011 long form certificate that Trump continued to birther.

The Birther lie is a continuous 8 year long right wing lie - there is no question about that.

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Deplorable Omega Supreme Cuck said...

"Sidney Blumenthal - McClatchy is reporting that Blumenthal (who was not a member of the campaign) told them Obama was born in Kenya and urged them to investigate."
Does this standard apply to Roger Stone and the Trump campaign?