What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 22, 2016

Vote For Clinton. Vote Against Trump. Save The Day. You Might Get Just See Mark Ruffalo's Junk (Assuming You're Interested In Such).

Watch this video from Joss Whedon:

Save The Day.

Just a shit ton of famous people on this video repeating how important it is.



You only get this many famous people together if the issue's one that truly matters to all of us:
  • a disease or
  • ecological crisis or  
  • a racist abusive coward who can permanently damage the fabric of our society.
(And by that they mean the Donald Trump - the bigoted, dishonest, cheeto-faced Donald Trump who has effectively hijacked what was once a great American political party and who is too dangerous, even for Republicans.)

We can not pretend both sides are equally unfavorable.

Your vote matters.

1 comment:

Deplorable Omega Supreme Cuck said...

Screw Disney Marvel, Cheadle, Whedon and Ruffalo.
"once a great American political party "
With the exception of cheeto-faced, Progressives including Dayvoe said the same about Bush, Mccain and Romney.