What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 29, 2016


An astute reader sent me a very interesting email this evening.

It links to this webpage.

And it reads:
A tall thin light skinned African American male was seen walking on Tree Farm Road. This man was possibly distributing political materials

A resident from Tree Farm Road reported observing a tall, light skinned, African American male, wearing a green tee shirt and driving a gold Toyota, walking up to homes on the street. The male may have been distributing political materials as police investigation revealed that most homes had them attached to the front doors.

Residents are requested to use the 911 center to report suspicious persons.
There are a few things of interest here.  First, that the Fox Chapel Police Department thought this important enough to warrant an advisory about a tall, thin, light-skinned, African-American male that was seen walking on Tree Farm Road.

Second, that they investigated said TTL-SA-AM and found that he "may have been distributing political materials."

Third, that someone phoned this in to the police in the first place.

Can you imagine that 911 call?
Dispatch: Hello, Fox Chapel Police.  What is the nature of your emergency?
Concerned Fox Chapellian: So sorry to bother you officer, but my wife Madison and I were on our way home from the club when we spotted a suspicious looking Negro walking along Tree Farm Road.
Dispatch: Can you describe what he looked like?
Chapellian: Well, he was tall and fair-skinned.  Madison pointed out to me that he was quite lean and muscular, like a tall Jesse Owens.  I thought he looked more like that colored fellow who used to tap dance on Lawrence Welk.  Only younger, obviously.
Dispatch: Ok...and you said he was just walking on Tree Farm Road.  Was he doing anything suspicious?
Chapellian: He was a Negro in Fox Chapel walking along Tree Farm Road.
Dispatch: Understood.  We'll get right on it.
Or something like that. In any event someone called it in and the police sent someone to investigate anyway.

I guess they really want to make America Great Again one Fox Chapel at a time!


eagleswing said...

walking while black in fox chapel-- is that a new form of crime? (at least he did not get tasered, arrested or shot to death.) query whether the police also investigate reports of selling girl scout cookies door to door with such alacrity ? (of course, getting out the vote is so much more dangerous to the Fox chapel Way of Life than eating girl scout cookies... that alone may be responsible for the speedy response by law enforcement.)

Deplorable Omega Supreme Cuck said...

People have the right to travel anywhere they want.
Except in these cases.

Unknown said...

I spoke to the Borough Manager about this. Apparently, there was a prior incident in the area and the suspect in that incident matched the description of the individual that was distributing the political materials. I believe that the point of the post was to communicate that the person seen on Tree Farm Road was NOT the suspect. It's my hope that the Borough sends a follow-up communication that clarifies this issue.

AP said...

Unknown, please be aware that according to the police chief, the suspect in the burglary the borough manager mentioned by way of explanation had already been "apprehended and taken to jail." If the point really was to communicate that this person was not that suspect, that would be easy enough to communicate on that basis alone -- and it remains unclear, if the actor in the prior incident had been arrested, why any investigation was necessary at all. Clarification is only the first part -- apology, outreach to the community regarding their skewed sense of threat, and a discussion about the actual danger of suspicion (the danger to the person treated with suspicion) are all warranted.

Ol' Froth said...

I grew up in Fox Chapel, and am not at all surprised to read this. Black males in that neighborhood are generally granted access only to the dishwashing areas of the Pittsburgh Field Club and Fox Chapel Golf Club, assuming they have the proper permits and registrations, of course.