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October 28, 2016

More On Pat (Oops - That's SENATOR Toomey, If You're Nasty)

I've been writing about Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey's reluctance to state outright whether he's going to vote for or against the Donald J Trump, (aka "Die Muschi Grabber mit den kleinen Händen") for some time.

Which is it, Pat?  Are you voting for or against the racist, bigotted, sexist bully who now leads your party?

Simple yes or no question my friend.

Today, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tony Norman goes a tad further:
Swept into office with the Tea Party wave of 2010, Mr. Toomey, who was a “true believer” back when it was politically expedient to sound as crazy as possible, now wants to appear more moderate than the standard-bearer of his party. If he can do so without antagonizing the pitchfork and torches crowd that brung him to the dance in the first place, that would be his preference.

Mr. Toomey understands that his reticence to go on the record about whether he supports Mr. Trump is the kind of political cowardice that doesn’t even pretend to be subtle. It’s unconscionable that less than two weeks before Pennsylvanians go to the polls, our junior senator continues to maintain the fiction that he’s still weighing the pros and cons of Mr. Trump’s candidacy.
And then:
He figures there’s nothing to be gained by leveling with his constituents and alienating his base. He’s the rare Republican who sees the value of Bill Clinton-style triangulating, even if he risks looking like a gutless opportunist during one of the most contested senatorial campaigns in the country.

For example, Mr. Toomey runs commercials in central and western parts of the state touting his perfect score with the NRA when it comes to gun rights. Meanwhile, Republican women in the suburbs of Philadelphia are bombarded with ads underscoring Mr. Toomey’s efforts to get a bipartisan-sponsored gun control bill to President Obama’s desk after the Sandy Hook massacre.
And finally:
Trump supporters aren’t idiots. They know that Sen. Pat Toomey either lacks the courage of his convictions when it comes to supporting their guy or he’s way too indecisive to send back to Washington. Either way, Mr. Toomey is about to learn a lesson about the cost of trying to stay on everyone’s good side when there’s a Trump-sized threat looming at the gates.
Tony, did you actually use these words and phrases to describe Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey?
  • political cowardice
  • unconscionable
  • a gutless opportunist
  • lacks the courage of his convictions...or he's way too indecisive
Damn, Tony.  Damn.

Nice to have you on board, my friend.  (Not that there was ever any doubt you would've been anyway.)


Deplorable Omega Supreme Cuck said...

Yes Pat denounce the all the Republican sexist bullies.
Like the ones who
Mocked the victim of a right wing witch hunt.
Mocked a PTSD suffering rape survivor.
Mocked a reporter who exposed Rape culture on US campus.

Dayvoe said...

Look over there. Don't look over here at Pat Toomey's political cowardice. Not when you could be reading something else that I'm pointing at instead.