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October 5, 2016

PSO Strike Update: Replacement Workers?

An astute reader informs me that last night (October 4) at about 7:30 all the members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra received an email from management.

It's been posted here at Slippedisc.

After pointing out the usual stuff (for example, how the musicians' health care coverage stopped 4 days before the email was sent out, how nice) after that, there's this:
As stated above, it is intended only to serve as an information letter concerning your compensation and benefits as of this date. You must realize that the PSI has an obligation to keep Heinz Hall open and operating to serve our patrons and others as they expect and as may be required. In order to do so, it may require us to hire replacement workers, either on a temporary or permanent basis, as will be determined by the business necessity that we face. If we take that course of action, the PSI will assure you that it will provide to you all rights that are required by law.
You'll note how the musicians are described - it's with the word "workers." And you'll also note that if there's a "business necessity" the striking musicians might find their seats on Heinz Hall stage filled by some "replacement workers."  It's not personal.  It's strictly business.

But replacements for the striking workers?

In a union town like Pittsburgh there's a word for such replacements: scabs.

Unless I am misreading the email, that's what management is threatening.

[Message to Symphony Management: feel free to contact me if you explain to me how I got the above wrong.  Until then, you're not doing your reputation any favors by threatening to hire scabs to replace the musicians of our city's world class symphony.]


Deplorable Omega Supreme Cuck said...

"hire scabs to replace the musicians of our city's world class symphony"
No One Is Illegal.

Dayvoe said...

Non sequitur.