What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 8, 2016

All Sins Trump: ELECTION DAY

This past week we've explored these Trump sins:
Now today's the day.  GO VOTE.

As the OPJ reminds us, it matters.

This time there can be no discussion about how "having to choose the lesser of two evils only leaves you with evil" or "there's not a dime's bit of difference between the two parties."

Last time we heard that, we got the War in Iraq, Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, Samuel Alito and John Roberts on the Supreme Court, domestic surveillance and waterboarding.

Nope.  Not this time.  One party's candidate's a lying, cheating, science-denying sexual predator who's waay to enamored with torture (see the list above) and the other has survived with 30+ years of right-wing media conspiracy baggage (did you know that she killed Vince Foster or she that faked a concussion to avoid testimony about Benghazi or that she's so demon-possessed she actually smells of sulfur?) with more qualifications for the job than anyone has had...possibly ever.

There's no end to how bad a president Donald Trump would be.  And I just don't know what America will look like with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.


POST SCRIPT: For my friends who may be thinking of voting for Pat Toomey, as far as I know, he still hasn't said he won't vote for the lying, cheating, science-denying sexual predator who's waay to enamored with torture.  Perhaps that's something for you to think about when you see his name in the voting booth.


Bert Brockway said...

Today is the only time she will ever face a jury....I voted guilty...

Bert Brockway said...

Not gloating ....much to do ....will we move on ?

HellFrozeOver said...

Can't be all just pray for a plane crash?