What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 18, 2016

On The Question Of Whether Trump Deserves A "Grace Period"

Actor Christoph Waltz gives an answer:

A translation given in the video.

In case you don't want to hear the Waltz auf Deutsch, here it is Auf Englisch:
You mean we consider everything he said so far as unsaid? And say: no hard feelings. He did not call for torture. He didn't say you should use nuclear weapons if you have them? He didn't say that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers?

You know, the list knows no bounds.

We just pretend these things just didn't come up at all? And say: anyway he might be a proper jolly good fellow.

Why? You can't unsay what has been said. And Obama said in a meeting with Trump:  We have to work on Trump feeling welcome.  And if Trump is successful the whole country is successful.


If Trump is successful with what he announced during his campaign, it's the end of the line.
So on the question as to whether Donald Trump deserves a "grace period," the answer has to be:  No, adapting to and normalizing Trump's bigotry will damage the fabric of American society at least as much as implementing his campaign's proposals.

I, for one, will not adapt to this new normal.