What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 9, 2016

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

What the fuck do we do now?

I am sure over the next days/weeks/months/years/decades people much smarter than me will be dissecting last night's shitstorm, looking for who to blame, how to stop it the next time (next time??) and so on.

I have nothing to add there.

I will say this, though.  While no one can predict the future (if someone could, we would have known yesterday the shit we're in today) I think it safe to assume a few things will happen as a direct result of the oncoming Trump Presidency:
  • American servicemen and women will die.  Each time Trump decides to settle a real or imagined score by sending in some Marines (or Navy Seals or Army Rangers or whatever), servicemen and women will die.  All needlessly.  All because of last night.
  • Americans will die.  If/when Obamacare is repealed (do you really think these guys want to replace it??) millions of Americans will lose their health insurance.  Some will then have to forgo routine medical care.  Some of those will die because something that could have been treated early wasn't.  All because of last night.
  • People around the world will die.  With or without Trump's revenge based military intervention, his obvious lack of foreign policy experience will make hot spots across the globe even hotter.  Lotsa non-Americans will die because Trump will have no idea what he'll be doing.  All because of last night.
  • Women will die.  Separate from the women in the military and women dying of lack of medical care, when/if Roe v Wade is rescinded women, once again, will be forced to fend for themselves and some of them will die.  All because of last night.
  • American Families will suffer.  Ok, some American families.  Not the white ones, of course.  But all those brown ones who speak funny and the ones who pray eastward five times a day.  They're all going to suffer.  All because of last night.
Thanks, Amurika.

Sadly, the list can go on.  LGBT protections?  Why bother?  It's merely a bad lifestyle choice.  Climate Change??  An obvious hoax to keep us from being competitive with the Chinese.

All because of last night.

I'll be taking some time off here at 2PJ.  I have no idea when I'll return or how often I'll be posting when I do.  I need some time to process the deep deep shit hole red Amurika has dropped us (and by "us" I mean the whole planet) into.

This is a truly sad and disappointing day for the country I love.