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March 15, 2017

March 15, The Ides Of Trump

From The Huffington Post:
President Donald Trump probably won’t be too pleased with a lot of the mail that shows up at the White House this week.

As part of the Ides of Trump campaign, thousands of people plan to send postcards to the president on Wednesday to share messages of concern, frustration and a little bit of mockery.
I'm one of them.

From The Boston Globe:
A president whose preferred mode of communication is a 140-character tweet is about to receive a deluge of opposition the old-fashioned way: via snail mail. Dubbed the “Ides of Trump,” the movement aims to inundate President Trump with postcards and to set a postal record: 1 million pieces of mail to one person in a single day.

Why, you might ask?

Chiefly, to annoy him.
Here are my submissions:

You are in clear 
violation of the 
Emoluments Clause.
For the good of the Country.


The American People
are entitled to
see your
We're entitled to
know whether
you're a


You're a birther.
That was (and still is)
a racist argument.
You should be ashamed.
(But we both 
know you're


You lost the 
popular vote in 2016.
Lost. By
2.9 million votes.
Most Americans
Do not like 

And finally:

Climate science is
Obama's birth certificates 
were real.
3-5 million people did not vote
illegally in 2016.
No, you can't just grab them 
by the pussy.

Happy Ides of Trump!

These will be in the mail today.

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