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July 31, 2017

Two Senators, Two Sides On Health Care, Two Different Reactions From Constituents

First, we'll start in Maine:

And this is what it looked like:
On the other hand, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, author of one of the Trumpcare replacements the Senate rejected hasn't felt such a warm embrace by his constituents in a while - at least if this piece at the York Dispatch is to be indicative of the whole:
The U.S. Senate narrowly voted to move forward Tuesday with debating a plan to repeal and replace "Obamacare," and Sen. Pat Toomey quickly released a statement to let his constituents know why he voted in favor of the move.

The Pennsylvania Republican posted his statement on Twitter: "I voted to open debate on reforming our health care system because we cannot continue on the current path without disastrous consequences. Today, we are one step closer to replacing Obamacare and putting Medicaid on a sustainable trajectory to ensure it will be available for future generations."
Toomey's statemement received more than 700 replies on Twitter with only a handful in support of the senator's decision.
Like this one:
And that was one of the nice ones.

One senator gets spontaneous applause for voting against Trumpcare while another gets very little that isn't whatever the opposite of applause would be called for supporting it.

A lesson for a Monday morning, I suppose.

I wonder if Pat Toomey is watching.

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