What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 20, 2017

What Senator Toomey Wants, What He's Voted For, And What We'd Get Because Of It.

From The Health Affairs Blog:
Late in the day on July 19, 2017, the Senate released the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act (ORRA) of 2017 (summary). The bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) coverage provisions, but delay the repeal of the coverage provisions until 2020, presumably giving Congress time to come up with a replacement. It is virtually identical to the reconciliation bill that passed both houses of Congress in 2015, only to be vetoed by President Obama. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) simultaneously released a cost estimate of the bill, which was very similar to the report it had offered on the 2015 bill. 
Senator Pat Toomey, like most other GOP senators at the time, voted for that reconciliation bill.

Senator Toomey this week:
I intend to vote to proceed to a full Obamacare repeal bill that would take effect in two years so that Congress can use this time to craft a legislative replacement and move toward a consumer-driven health care system.
And what the CBO said about this appeal bill (the one that's "virtually identical" to the one Pat voted for 2 years ago:
The number of people who are uninsured would increase by 17 million in 2018, compared with the number under current law. That number would increase to 27 million in 2020, after the elimination of the ACA’s expansion of eligibility for Medicaid and the elimination of subsidies for insurance purchased through the marketplaces established by the ACA, and then to 32 million in 2026.
So Pat Toomey's solution to:
Obamacare is failing. In Pennsylvania, Obamacare premiums are up 120 percent and 40 percent of our residents are limited to one insurer on the exchange. Families are still in dire need of relief.
Is to make sure 32 million fewer Americans have health care insurance, hoping that the Congress, after failing to come up with a solution after 7 years of working on one, will somehow magically come up with a solution in just 2.

In the meantime, 32 million fewer insured.

The GOP plan. Pat Toomey's plan.

Hooray for us.


Omega Supreme said...

How many of the "32 million fewer insured." will be uninsured because they drop it because it is too expensive.

Remember when Democrats claimed Obamacare was not a tax to help game the CBO score.

Omega Supreme said...

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania’s attorney general supports removing Due Process Rights by threatening schools w/ Title IX which has no legal authority for that.

Omega Supreme said...

CBO predicted that 12 million more people would have Health Insurance then currently have it under Obamacare.