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August 5, 2017

Senator Pat Toomey, Americans United For Freedom, And One Particular Address In Alexandria

It's a Saturday morning and I'm still a week away from Premier League Football so I decided to rummage around in Senator Pat Toomey's campaign contributions to see what I could find.

Being a rank amateur in such things I found nothing but questions.

Let's begin.

According to this FEC page Senator Pat Toomey's largest single donor in the 2016 election cycle was an organization called "Americans United For Freedom" and they gave him a total of $151,357.55.

And according to this FEC page Senator Pat Toomey was the largest recipient of "Americans United for Freedom" campaign disbursements for that cycle.

And according to this FEC page, "Americans United For Freedom" raised $733,905 during that cycle (and that means, if my math is correct, that Toomey received a little more than 20% of the amount raised).

And finally, according to this FEC page, none of that money actually came from Pennsylvania.

I'd say that's an interesting relationship, wouldn't you? But then again, I'm just a rank amateur at such things.

Granted, he had way more than $150 grand to spend and way more than just one donor. But his largest single donor was that committee and the largest recipient of that committee's money was Pat Toomey. And let me say it again, none of that money came from Toomey's home state.

So who is "Americans United For Freedom" anyway?

According to this FEC page, the mailing address for "Americans United For Freedom" is:
STE 115
That's also the mailing address for Huckaby Davis Lisker, Inc. Which is where we find someone named Lisa Lisker.

She's the treasurer for "Americans United For Freedom" and here's a secret surprise for you - she also happens to be the treasurer for Toomey's leadership PAC, Citizens for Prosperity in America!

So when AUF gave all that money to Toomey's leadership PAC the paperwork didn't even have to leave one desk? Am I getting this right?

And what else can be found at that address?

Did you know as of January 2017, it was the mailing address for not one but two US Senators: John McCain and Lamar Alexander?

You can check for yourself this FEC page to see what other committees call this address home. There's lots and lots. And lots.

It must be a very important address. I don't know what any of this means except that it, perhaps, illustrates how tightly the ties that bind money and politics in our nation's capital.


Bert Brockway said...

O/T. U have a problem with the free press printing the transcript of a U.S.President's phone conversation with another the head of state. Assuming there's no allegation the discussion was criminal....treasonous ...bad? If the reveal was just based on political disagreement, is it still fair game and responsible journalism to print it?

Better the devil u know....blah blah

Bert Brockway said...

Stay on Toomey....

Bert Brockway said...

The prime directive of all politicians is do what they need to do to ....get reelected....toomey maxine waters schumer...all of them ...we are doomed....they covet the power prestige perks

Bert Brockway said...

First preseason game this week ....yes!!!!!

Bert Brockway said...

Have a great week.....

Bert Brockway said...

Back into the cave and watch the shadows...

Omega Supreme said...

Progressives condemned Tomi Lahren as a hypocrite for being on her parent's Insurance under Obamacare that she opposes.

But give a pass to Democrats using SuperPacs (like Dayvoe favorite America Bridge) that they campaign on repealing the 1st amendment to ban.