What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 18, 2017

Tina Fey, Last Night

You'll want to watch this a few times.

Moral equivalence? Who drove the car into the crowd, Hillary's emails?


Omega Supreme said...

Antifa are still being portrayed as just innocent people.
Maybe it was a YouTube like the one that caused the Benghazi attack.

Dayvoe said...

Wow. That's weirder and less coherent than usual. Are you ok? Getting enough sleep? Pooping enough? Because Something is obviously wrong.

Omega Supreme said...

Odd, watched video of the car driving into the crowd.
Strange that in the middle of the crowd were cars that got crashed into.
"a man drove his car into 2 other cars[93] (hitting a sedan which in turn hit a minivan[94]) through a crowd of people who were protesting against the rally, killing one person and injuring 19 others, in what police have called a deliberate attack."
Could the crowd have been on the road?
Muslims make the effort to go on sidewalks and chase people that are off the road.

Dayvoe said...

Yea...not helping your case, if you're trying to show that you're rational.