What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 8, 2017


2 Political Junkies is THIRTEEN YEARS OLD this week.

We're now the age of pimply adolescents whose hormones are just starting to drive them (and their parents) crazy.

Here is Maria's first blog post at 2PJ.

It was a Bushism:
Too many OB-GYN's are having to get out of the business. Too many OB-GYN's are unable to practice their love with women all across the country.
Here's my first blog post here. It was about how Bush skipped out on his military service. I quoted Salon:
In retrospect, it's doubtful that even White House aides understood all the information embedded in the records, specifically the payroll documents. It's also unlikely they realized how damaging the information could be when read in the proper context. Seven months later, the document dump is coming back to haunt the White House, thanks to researcher Paul Lukasiak, who has spent that time closely examining the paperwork, and more important, analyzing U.S. Statutory Law, Department of Defense regulations, and Air Force policies and procedures of the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, Lukasiak arrived at the overwhelming conclusion that not only did Bush walk away from his final two years of military obligation, coming dangerously close to desertion, but that he attempted to cover up his absenteeism through swindle and fraud.
Yea, you remember when BUSH was the worst president ever? When BUSH was the existential threat to our democracy and the world?

How I miss those carefree naive days of yesteryear.

Happy blog-Birthday, Maria!!


Omega Supreme said...

Too bad Karl Rove's operatives used fake document to embarrass the media away for the TANG that would have gotten G.W. Bush impeached.

No post about Betsy DeVos undermining America's War on Campus Sexual Assault by reversing Obama's Title IX guidance and supporting rapists.

With a debunking of the Due Process talking point.

Dayvoe said...

Look! Over! THERE!!!

Zeus0209 said...

Hey omega suck,
How old is the kingdom blog?

Omega Supreme said...

12 years Zeus. Dayvoe going on Lynn Cullin inspired me to start the blog.

The debunking of Due Process talking point is it is just apologia for misogyny and rape.

Zeus0209 said...

I didn't really care about the kingdom. Just wanted to see if you could actually stay on a topic.