What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 2, 2018

NEWSFLASH! The Republicans Are Lying About Conor Lamb

Yea, I know. WHAT. A. SURPRISE.

Let's remember that the GOP is the party of:
  • Benghazi!!
  • Obama's fake Kenyan heritage
  • John Kerry's "fake" war heroism
So it's hardly surprising that the GOP's gone all truther on Marine Corp Reserve Major Conor Lamb.

Case in point - the "drug kingpin" TV ad. I'm sure you've seen it. It's on my TV every 25 seconds or so.

The (Conservative) Free Beacon has the GOP frame:
The campaign arm of House Republicans on Wednesday released an advertisement blasting Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb for negotiating a plea bargain with a drug kingpin while the nationwide opioid epidemic devastated American families
The P-G has the facts:
He was one of nearly 50 people indicted in Fayette and Washington counties following an FBI wiretap investigation and announced at a news conference in January in which U.S. Attorney David Hickton said interconnected drug rings were “menacing neighborhoods” in Fayette County.

Saunders was charged in September with 270 counts of laundering drug money as well as conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine. This winter he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and took responsibility for the money-laundering.
And then there's the official press release:
In addition to the sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment, Saunders will forfeit the following property to the United States: a 2008 BMW sedan; five luxury watches and a necklace; $325,120.00 in cash; his home in Uniontown; the proceeds of the sale of a property in Uniontown; a 9mm pistol; and a money judgment of $100,000.00.
A drug dealer off the streets for 10 years and the forfeiture of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and stuff - that's the "weaker sentence" the GOP wants you to fret over.

FactCheck called this a "weak case" and WTAE's Bob Mayo interviewed Pitt Law Professor David Harris who says (at 0:57):
He succeeded. He got a severe penalty to the central charge in the case. That is what every prosecutor is after.
And yet the GOP truthers are trying to convince you that something else entirely happened.

Check the facts and remember who's been lying to you.


End the Witchhunt of Harvey Weinstein said...
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End the Witchhunt of Harvey Weinstein said...

GOP is the party of:
Fast and Furious Gunwalking
IRS Targeting of Tea Party groups.

Conor Lamb could have got all that property with civil asset forfeiture without even charging or having a guilt plea.