August 22, 2018

Meanwhile, Outside...

There'll be time this week, I suppose, to discuss the criminality surrounding Donald Trump. For example:
  • The guilty verdicts for his one-time campaign manager, Paul Manafort
  • The guilty plea agreement for his one time lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen
  • And so on
However, it's still getting warmer out there.

The science says so.

From NOAA:
The July 2018 average temperature across the world's land and ocean surfaces was 0.75°C (1.35°F) above the 20th century average of 15.8°C (60.4°F) and the fourth highest for July since global records began in 1880. Nine of the ten warmest Julys have occurred since 2005, with the last four years (2015–2018) among the four warmest on record. The record warmest July occurred in 2016, with a temperature departure from average of +0.88°C (+1.58°F). The year 1998 is the only year from the 20th century among the ten warmest Julys on record, ranking as the fifth highest on record.
And, no, it's not a Chinese hoax.

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