May 31, 2019

More On Trump's Thin Skin

From The New York Times:
The White House’s directive to hide a Navy destroyer named after Senator John McCain during President Trump’s recent visit to a naval base in Japan was driven, administration officials said on Thursday, by a fear of bad visuals — the name of the president’s nemesis clearly visible in photographs of him.

In truth, it would have been a bad visual for only one person: Mr. Trump.

Yet an effort to airbrush an American warship by covering its name with a giant tarp and then hiding it with a barge demonstrates how anxious the Trump administration has become about the grudges of the president. It also shows the extraordinary lengths officials in the bureaucracy are willing to go to avoid provoking Mr. Trump.
The hide-the-ship scheme, which Mr. Trump insisted he knew nothing about but called a “well meaning” gesture, drew a torrent of criticism on Thursday from retired military officers. They said it was an egregious attempt to politicize the armed forces, while Democratic lawmakers termed it petty vindictiveness against a dead war hero.
The orange snowflake called it a "well meaning" gesture and yet also tweeted this:
What part is fake? The White House DID ask The Navy to obscure the name "John McCain" in order to avoid a Trump tantrum. The fact that The Navy ultimately didn't do it doesn't change things.

They still did this:
When several sailors from the McCain — wearing uniforms that bore the ship’s name and insignia — turned up anyway at the Wasp to hear Mr. Trump’s speech, they were turned away, the service member said. The service member, who requested anonymity because he was not allowed to speak publicly, said that a gate guard told the two sailors they were not allowed on the Wasp because they were from the McCain.

Donny, the petty little orange snowflake.

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Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Obama would have thrown the staffer under the bus at the first mention in the press.

I learned of it when I read about it in the papers.
Just some rogue employees in Cincinnati.