June 10, 2019

Peduto Derangement Syndrome

For those of you watching from outside of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the "Peduto" in the blog title is Bill Peduto, is the mayor of the city of Pittsburgh.

He's a democrat who supports LGBT rights:
While all three candidates have earned strong marks for their stance on LGBT issues in recent years, Peduto has received the most love in return. His mayoral bid has been endorsed by three LGBT-advocacy groups: statewide advocacy group Equality Pennsylvania, as well as the Steel City Stonewall Democrats and the Gertrude Stein Political Club.

He supported efforts to create a citywide domestic-partner registry, which allows same-sex couples to formally declare a committed relationship. (The registry has no legal authority, but can be used by employers as a basis for providing domestic-partner benefits to employees.) And at an April 18 forum hosted by Planned Parenthood, he suggested constructing new buildings with bathrooms designated for transgender occupants. "[T]here has to be accessibility for all," he said.
And is pro-choice:
Peduto, whose mayoral run has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, backed a 2005 "Medical Safety Zone Ordinance," which set up a 15-foot buffer zone around women's health clinics — and an 8-foot "bubble zone" around patients entering or leaving. That measure, supported by pro-choice groups, was later overturned when a judge ruled it infringed on the free speech of abortion opponents. (Currently only the buffer zone remains.) But at the April 18 forum, Peduto said his support for access hadn't changed: "If it does require an officer to be there to remind [observers of] the rights of all individuals, I'll certainly have an officer there."
He also recently signed some common sense gun control:
The ordinances, which council approved 6-3 last week, ban the use of assault-style weapons and accessories in public places and grant authority to the courts to temporarily seize weapons from people in the throes of mental health crises.
He also tweets from time to time - mostly about the city, sometimes about Pittsburgh politics, sometimes about Pittsburgh hockey.

If you follow his twitter feed (as I do) you'll notice one general thread from those who aren't supporters:
No matter what he tweets they demand his resignation and/or incarceration.
No real reason given. It's the grown up version of the school yard taunt: No body likes you and your mother dresses you funny. Nyah-nyah.


He can tweet a "good morning" and within a few minutes someone (who may or may not even live in the city) will condemn him for not filling in the city's potholes - and demand his impeachment for it.


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Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Peduto backs the blue and supports corrupt police.